If you know me, you’ll probably already know that I’m the biggest dog person.

I can’t count situations where my bad mood disappeared immediately after petting randomly passed a dog on the street. Unluckily, we can’t have our own pup right know, but I truly can’t wait for the day when our little family will include a four-legged furry member.

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Because of my love for dogs, when my hubby found an advert for this event, we knew we need to come here. We booked our tickets and waited for the day to come.


Frenchie Cafe was in London only for one day, as it was a pop-up cafe. The thing with pop-ups is that they don’t operate on a daily basis. Restaurants, cafes or other locals are temporarily rearranged for some kind of event. For example, like this Frenchie Cafe, which took place at Happenstance Cafe and was organized by Pug Cafe. Tickets were for 15 GBP per person for Frenchie lovers, and 10 GBP for owners. Slots were 70 minutes long. 

Everyone got a small bag of treats to convince those little fellas for cuddles and tricks. 

Owners and visitors could drink some coffee or order something from the Happenstance menu, but there were also a lot of treats for pups – pupcorn, pupaccino, pawsecco and many more treats made for dogs.

I am aware that the photos in this post are not really perfect, but there were a lot of movements and most of them were blurry. Imagine situations, where you have about 30 happy frienchies running everywhere. So we gave up photos, but… we managed to record a few funny moments.

If you are interested in dog-themed events like this in the future, be sure to check Pug Cafe’s page. They organizing Frenchie, Pug and Dachshund Pop Ups around United Kingdom.

xo, Monika

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