Add some magic to your photos – Quickshot app – tutorial

Add some magic to your photos – Quickshot app – tutorial

I’m not a huge fan of those unrealistic photos, too extreme postproduction sometimes kills the photo – but that’s of course only my opinion. But to be fair – sometimes you have few pics that definitely would look better with some finishing touches.

Autumn season came and it’s pretty tricky to take a photo with a beautiful blue sky full of white dreamy clouds. If you struggle with this, don’t worry! There’s an app for everything, haha.

Sooo, let me introduce you to the Quickshot app. Available only for iOS.

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With this app you can simply add new sky to your pic, which can change it completely or just add finishing touches. Here you have simple instruction how to do it and few examples how easy it is.

App is free, but of course you need to pay if you want to use all of it’s features and sky patterns.

Few of them look really natural, but the rest is pretty extreme and unrealistic – like Northern Lights, sky full of stars (with shooting ones) or stormy with lightnings. You can really spice up your photos just with one click.

I attached a lot of examples how you can use this feature. You can of course adjust it to make it look more natural or magical. Just double tap at chosen sky filter and little menu will appear. You can change such things as feather, horizon, shift, ambient, details or opacity. 

Have fun with your photos! If you will try this app, be sure to tag me in your stories or instagram posts, can’t wait to see your results!


xo, Monika

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