The Knot Churros – instagrammable & tasty spot in London

The Knot Churros – instagrammable & tasty spot in London

If you ever tried churros, you probably fell in love with them – just like me! Unfortunately I couldn’t find many places to buy them… until now!

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Okay, but be prepared until you start scrolling down – if you saw main photo above – you already know what I am talking about!

The Knot Churros 

The Knot Churros has recently opened their cafe in South Kensington area and it’s heavenly beautiful and every spot of this place is so Instagram worthy. Including all the desserts! It doesn’t matter what you will order – it will look amazing. Coffee? In gorgeous cups!

Even if you want to order classic churros with cinnamon and some dip, they will be served on a marble, heart-shaped board. 

But there is more – like… churros with soft serve ice-cream! Decorated with all the passion and love – sprinkles, sugar pearls, rainbow lollipops, chocolate stars, cotton candy… and much more!

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Oh, and don’t forget about milkshakes. Chocolate drip inside your cup, whipped cream, cookies or in pink, strawberry version – with two colours of cotton candy – pink & blue inside.

And how about a soft serve ice cream with churros? It looks ahhh-mazing! We tried The little mermaid and Somewhere over the rainbow. You can easily spot them on photos. I know, I know… new year starts with diets and stuff, but how could you resist…

But I have some good news – churros made here are baked, not deep fried, so, yup, you just saved some calories! But don’t worry – whipped cream, sprinkles, cotton candy, chocolate sauces and other add-ons will make that up. Everything there was so tasty and sweet – I could get diabetes by only looking at those goodies, but hey, I can take that risk, haha!

If you’re not in the mood for classic caffeinated coffee – they have range of lattes on the menu – matcha, charcoal, turmeric. Pretty and healthy!

There are even savoury versions of churros in the menu! For example with halloumi and pesto, salmon, avocado or tuna – all of them will be launched soon and I definitely need to  try them next time I’ll be there!

Can we also appreciate how beautifully this space was arranged?

Despite the fact that this space is so small and cozy, you’ll find here a lot of instagrammable corners. As soon as you came in, you’ll feel this tropical vibe – palm leaf wallpaper, plants and of course, my favourite – swing with tropical pillows and faux fur! Devil is in the details, so you’ll find their copper logo on concrete floor and slogan neon sign on the wall.

There is of course a white flower wall and ceiling, emerald, gold & marble details. Perfect for those Instagram snaps!

The lady behind this concept, Anisah, is such a girlboss and has everything under control! She’s half Pakistan and half Spanish, so churros were always on her mind (and in her blood!). She put all of her ideas perfectly in one piece. I am sure you can see all of this on my photos. 

Where you can find this sweet gem?

13 Bute St, Kensington, London SW7 3EY, UK
It’s just 3 minute walk from South Kensington underground station.

We’ve spent there some time and were totally spoiled. I need to confess to you – I was so amazed with this place that I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I came home with more than 400 shots hahaha.


June 2019 – update


I’m coming back to you with a little update, because now choice is harder – they’ve added quite few new, amazing & beautiful treats to their menu! And I am here to share them with you!

Slushies! If you are a fan of cold & sweet slush drinks, then you’ll be in love. And they are loaded with jellies!

We’ve tried flamingo & rainbow burst slushies. Price – 5.90.

They are masters with combining candy floss with ice cream, so there’s another variation on the menu – soft serve ice cream wrapped in cotton candy. It’s like eating the sugar cloud. Scroll down to see how my hubby was struggling with all the sweetness haha! Price is just 3.90!

I’ve also tried chilled churros in Nutty Professor variation and believe me – it tasted like heaven. Cinnamon churros are glazed with Belgian chocolate and covered with crushed nuts. This was for sure the best part of it. Luckily, if you are not in the mood for ice cream, you can order just plate of this churros. And I will definitely do that next time!

Price for chilled churros is 7.90 and if you prefer ordering just churros in this variation, you can have them for 5.90.

Sugar coma coming in 3…2…1… 


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