Saint Aymes – unicorn lattes with pinch of gold

Saint Aymes – unicorn lattes with pinch of gold

Oh, I know you love places like this one! Let me introduce you to this instagrammable heaven, with gold sparkle.

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Did someone say gold? Yupp. They are using edible gold leaf sheets to add some sparkle to your coffee or dessert. 

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Saint Aymes

Opened last year in Marble Arch / Hyde Park area. A true hidden gem with walking distance from the busiest street in London – Oxford Street. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty amazed with this place. Just look!

Beautiful, floral facade – they are changing the design from time to time – you can spot first one – wisteria and the newest one – a pink version of also wisteria-kind flowers. It looks gorgeous, but not overwhelming.

All of the classic coffees are on offer, and they’re really good, but when you’re visiting a place like this, you may want to go bigger than this. And they’ve got you covered…

Their signature coffee is called Unicorn Latte – you can choose from two colour versions – pink or blue. To make it even more fancy and luxurious – you will find some 24ct gold pieces on your whipped cream. The espresso shot is served on the side, so you can decide how strong coffee you need right now.

Besides that, there are other coffees in the menu or alternatives, like 24ct gold matcha latte. For sure you will find something perfect for you.

Oh, and of course – interior. Totally Pinterest worthy – marble tables, gold details and – yes, you guessed – flower walls!

There are few more seats downstairs, along with other flower walls, cute furniture pieces and decorations, to make your experience (and those Instagram shots) even better.

They opened their doors more than a year ago and I’m still impressed with this concept.


You don’t have a big choice if you are hungry – you can choose between fluffy pancakes, granola, ice creams or cakes and pastries.

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For Unicorn Latte or fancy hot chocolate, you will need to pay between 7 to 10 GBP. Classic cappuccino decorated with gold costs 6.45.

You can also find regular coffees in their menu like flat white, latte, americano, espresso for around 3 pounds.

If you want to go extra you can order a milkshake. They look super fancy, but the price is 17 GBP. Of course, they contain 24ct gold, so you’ve gotta pay for this luxury!

You can take some sweets home with you – pink, geometric chocolate bars with gold leaves cost 10 GBP.

Where is this cute spot?

You can find Saint Aymes in Connaught Village, in Hyde Park and Marble Arch area.

59 Connaught Street, W2 2BB Londyn

Nearest underground stations: Marble Arch, Paddington, Edgware Road and Lancaster Gate. Walking distance up to 10 minutes from each of them.

You can also buy their products – pralines and chocolates with edible gold – you can find them in Selfridges or Harvey Nichols.

 It was not the first time I’ve visited this cute corner, and definitely, not the last as well!




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