How to find a job in the UK?

How to find a job in the UK?

Living in UK is pretty nice. Especially London – for me. I totally fell in love this city. But as you are probably aware, you need to spend hundreds of pounds just for a rent. Oops. And there’s also sooo many opportunities, great places to go, restaurants and foods to try and much, much more. But you need to pay for all of this. How? With your salary, of course, earned in your job. But… how to find one?

First of all – your CV/resume.

Refresh your resume or create it from scratch. Remember – there’s no need to _____ and in most cases adding your photo to CV is unnecessary – it can even disqualify us as a candidate! In your resume add only the most important information and your strengths – your future employer doesn’t need information about the middle school you finished or the part-time job you’ve had every second weekend 10 years ago (unless it’s your only job experience, of course). If you ever encounter a problem with remembering all of the tasks you did in previous job – try googling it, by entering job position + phrase job description, e.g. customer service representative job description.

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You may think about creating a CV suitable for the position you’re applying for – when you apply for a job that requires creativity, don’t be scared to “pimp it” a little!

Also, there’s always someone who can help you with creating a resume professionally – there are people who do it for a living and you can be sure that their work will be top notch.

Check your CV!

This is really cool! Upload your CV, add your email address and within 24 hours you receive a report – what is missing, what should be added and which skills are the most suitable for your experience. This kind of service is usually free of charge, you pay only when you want to receive a complex help and to get your resume modified by a specialist. I recommend two websites which offer this kind of service: The CV Centre and CV-Library.

Where to find a job?

The most popular job advert websites are Jooble, Reed, Indeed and Monster. If English is not your mother tongue, try looking for jobs which require knowledge of your native language – there’s plenty of them and it’s always a good start! For example, jobs you may look for are: QA Localisation Tester, Translator, Interpreter, Cashier or Multilingual Customer Service Representative. Keep in mind that English knowledge is almost always a necessity. 

Don’t forget to check your local Facebook groups as well – job adverts are getting more popular on social media right now.

It is also worth mentioning that you should update and fill your LinkedIn profile, as headhunters browse this page on daily basis and you may catch someone’s attention. Furthermore, there’s a lot of job offers, most of which are easy to apply.

And last but not least – try doing it oldschool way – leave your CV in places like coffee shops, restaurants or other local places – just ask, whether can you leave your resume or not.

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Check your future workplace and employer.

Of course, be aware that there may be a lot of bad PR or frustrater employee who got fired from that company. But usually you will be able to find a lot of information – both positive and negative ones. Opinions can be found on social media and in Google, but personally I recommend, where employer is evaluated in every field possible, starting from length of job interview, ending with overall workplace rating – it’s a huge repository of knowledge for job seekers. 🙂 Oh, and you can find plenty of job offers on glassdoor too!

Yes, I am totally aware that’s not all of the ways to get a job, so don’t worry, I will probably write another part about this, if you’ll be interested!


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