Love yourself – Honeymooon glow / Punta Cana

Love yourself – Honeymooon glow / Punta Cana

I think this is my most spontaneous blog post yet.

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It’s almost 2 am and I’m playing with Lightroom and refreshing photos from more than 6 months ago. Why? Imagine, that in July, during our Honeymoon in Punta Cana I decided that we need to take some photos with those heart-shaped balloons we’ve got in our hotel room. Just in case, so I can post them during Valentine’s Day, hahah! Loads of people were staring at me and wondering what the hell I’m doing with those balloons while they are chilling in the pool, but I didn’t care at all, just had fun and enjoyed it!

Sooo because it’s 12th of February, I had to prepare some pics for the ‘gram or somewhere. And while I was doing it right now, I just saw myself on those photos. Glowing and smiling. I’m not sure when I was this confident about myself last time before that trip.

Yup, on those pics I still definitely have at least 10 additional kilograms, too thick tighs, too many belly rolls, but hey, fu*k it, I felt amazing back then.

Can’t tell you what was the reason – I was glowing because I just got married and my best friend ever just became my husband? Maybe it was because of the sun, high temperatures and tropical holiday vibes? Or maybe those mimosas for breakfast did all of it? Or maybe it was just the combination of all of the above. But it was freaking great. And I am really pretty amazed how confident I look at those photos, so yeah, decided to create this post and show you some of them, because – why not! I’ll just post here a mini session as a throwback to this magnificent time. And I realized that tons of pictures from this honeymoon were not published anywhere. Just after our trip, we had to dive in all the responsibilities of adult life and a lot of stressful changes were waiting for us.  So today was a really good reminder of all those happy days.

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But Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s all about love. And I was so in love back then. With my fresh hubby and surprisingly with myself.

I definitely don’t feel like this always. Sadly. But I’m working on it. Body positivity is important as hell. I was constantly sad and mad because I couldn’t lose weight no matter how hard I tried. At least now I know why and I can become friends with my fellow insulin resistance.

I was so full of joy that, as you can see, I could fly.

This Honeymoon trip to Punta Cana was sooo good for us. Can anyone send us somewhere with sun and cocktails, please?

Love yourself. Or at least try it! Those photos and this blog post – I hope I will treat it as some kind of therapy, a little reminder to myself that I’m still pretty great and need to love myself more.

Huge thanks to my loveliest hubby, who took all of those photos with smile and patience! Love you to the moon and back!

xo, Monika


  1. Malgosia
    13 February 2019 / 16:24

    Niestety zadne z twoich zdjec nie wyswietla mi sie ani na telefonie, ani na komputerze. 🙁

    • Monica Bialucci
      13 February 2019 / 17:07

      Hej Małgosiu – może spróbuj odświeżyć stronę – sprawdziłam na dwóch urządzeniach i wszystko wygląda w porządku

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