London most instagrammable ice creams!

London most instagrammable ice creams!

A year ago we’ve had a really long heatwave in London, and you know what it means – once it’s hot, it’s time for an ice cream. Speaking of which, I have something really cool for you!

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It’s been a while since I planned this post. I don’t like to come ill-prepared and recommend things that I haven’t actually tested, so… I had to make research! Finally it happened, both me and my husband had a day off and we went on an adventure to check the most interesting ice cream parlours in London. We have visited 4 in two hours – even though we shared an ice cream in each – it was still a really hard thing, the sweetness was overwhelming! Just in case someone would think that it’s not enough – later, during the day, we’ve had a booking for Afternoon Tea. Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly. Two-thirds of the food were sweets. Detox was much needed after this day.

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I never thought that eating ice cream would be such a challenge and that I would do it as a part of “research”, haha!

Anyways, let’s get back on track. I’ve got 6 fantastic places where you can eat something more unique than typical gelato. Every ice cream is totally Instagram-worthy (or at least worth to snap a picture to keep memories of it during long, winter evenings).

The best thing is the fact that 5 of 6 places are located in Soho, so if you are brave enough, try doing it the same way as we did it – little ice-cream-eating-marathon. There are roughly 10mins of walking distance between the parlours.

You can check out other gorgeous cafes in London here.

Mister Fitz

Pink decor, doggy logotype and ice cream sandwiches with lots of sprinkle and extra add-ons. On site you can also buy pimped out doughnuts because Mister Fitz was opened by the same people as Doughnut Time, which I mentioned in my Fat Thursday post here (available in polish). This speaks for itself – you already know it’s going to be really, really sweet!

Where: 21 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 6LB
Prices: ice cream sandwich costs around £6.50


It’s a small cozy ice cream place which is well-known for their sandwiches – in this case, there is a macaroon instead of cookies (like above). There’s a lot of options of colours, tastes, add-ons and sprinkles. You can really have fun with creating your own.

Where: 24 Rupert St, London W1D 6DQ
Prices:  one ice cream macaroon 5,20 GBP.



Bake is inconspicuous place in London’s China Town, where you’ll find various Asian pastries such as pork stuffed rolls, tiny waffle-style fishes called taiyaki filled with custard, birthday cakes or those famous ice creams. Fish-shaped cone filled with vanilla or matcha flavour ice cream. As you can see on the third photo – it was hard to take photos in such a warm day, haha.


Where: 9 Wardour St, London W1D 6PF
Prices: you can buy ice cream in a fish cone for 4 GBP

Milk Train

Famous, dreamy ice creams with cotton candy cloud. You can find a separate blog post about Milk Train here(click!) – and I have to say – you really loved it!

Where: 44 Bedford St, London WC2E
Prices: you’ll pay for your ice cream from 4 to 6 GBP


Chin Chin London

Delicious ice creams in various taste options – tonka beans, strawberry-hay, coffee-olive or burnt butter. But no worries – if you’re a fan of more classic options, you’ll find them here too. Served in a red cone with burnt marshmallow! 

And don’t forget to visit Chin Chin during colder months – they serve the best hot chocolate in London – with burnt marshmallow on top. 

Where:  54 Greek Street, London W1D 3DS, or in Camden Town: 49-50 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF
Prices: I paid for mine 6 GBP


Dominique Ansel Bakery

This bakery earned it’s own blog post too (click here to read it). Due to the summer season, they created a series of desserts called Strawberry fields and during summer you could taste it. You could choose between Strawberry Fields dessert – strawberry ice cream in waffle basket, fresh strawberries and chocolate green leaves. But… people felt in love with another dessert called What-a-melon – watermelon ice cream in… watermelon “taco”. Wow! Sounds and tastes great. And of course, watermelon seeds were made of chocolate to complete it.

Where:  7 – 21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9RP – near Victoria Station
Prices:  both strawberry fields and watermelon “taco” were 6,50 GBP take away or 7,80 GBP in.


xo, Monika


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