I’ve cut and donated my hair for a cancer charity

I’ve cut and donated my hair for a cancer charity

It was time for a change anyways. So why shouldn’t I take this opportunity to do something good?

I had this planned for a long time in my mind and life decided to kick me in the ass anyways and gave me another reason to do it. 

I was always fixating about breast cancer and tried to do self check ups. I was sure that everything is completely fine but I decided to do an ultra sonogram anyways, to be 100% sure it’s okay. It wasn’t, as they found 2cm tumor in my breast. I’ve visited oncologist few hours later and ordered biopsy. Waiting two weeks for the answer if I am cancer free was devastating. Luckily for me – it was nothing dangerous.

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At that moment I knew that donating my hair is the best decision I can make. They’ll grow back eventually, I needed a change and mostly I was happy that maybe I’ll help someone who wasn’t as lucky with the diagnosis as I was.

I’ve decided to donate my hair to Polish foundation Rak’n’Roll that supports cancer patients and amongst few initiatives, they collect hair donations for wigs. 

In the UK you can donate your hair either to Cancer Research Charity or Little Princess Trust which helps children and young people. On their sites you can easily find all the informations about the donating process and what requirements have to be met to donate your hair. 

For my “metamorphosis” I chose this stunning beauty salon QUIRIS in the heart of my lovely Gdańsk.  

As you can see, there are some instafriendly places in Poland too, haha! Pink, ombre walls, beautiful decor, great service and qualified staff. I can totally recommend this place. Already came back here few times to do my nails!

Do something good for others, it doesn’t hurt! 

I know that if my decision will inspire at least one person to do something nice, I’ll call it a success.

Merry Christmas!



  1. 5 January 2020 / 21:39

    Such a beauroful thing- to give something what it’s worth almost nothing to us, but can be worth so much for someone else!
    Imagine I had my hair cut back in April 2019 and I mentioned it at the hairdresser that I will be donating.
    Imagine my face when they just cut it and told
    Me “oh sorry! Completely forgot … that’s crap we can’t just put it all together from the floor” .


    • Monica Bialucci
      13 January 2020 / 17:36

      :O I’d be furiously mad…

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